Injector Servicing / Injector Cleaning


Petrol (Gasoline) Injector Servicing / Cleaning

Over time many drivers witness a change in car performance such as:

·        Reduced Power – the vehicle has loses performance.

·        Poor Fuel Economy – vehicle uses more fuel.

·        Excessive Exhaust Emissions – vehicle fails the MOT test.

·        Poor Starting – the engine is difficult to start either hot or cold.

·        Rough running – the car does not idle smoothly and evenly.

·        Poor Driveability – the engine hesitates and makes “pinking” sound.

These symptoms are normally a result of poor / inaccurate fuel metering caused through injector contamination.  Most dealerships will fit new injectors which could cost from £350 to £800 for a typical 4-cylinder engine – or much more if you have 6, 8 or even 12 cylinders!  Then the costs can run into £1000’s.  Injectors are designed to last the life of a car so it is not necessary to replace a contaminated injector.


What we do

Mathwall offers an injection cleaning service that removes lacquers and other contaminants that are present in fuels.  Just a few microns of lacquer on the pintle can restrict flow significantly resulting in the common symptoms listed above.

Using our specialist ASNU injector servicing equipment we can clean and test injectors. To ensure that the injectors work properly after ultrasonic cleaning, we perform the following tests:

·          Leakage

·          Spray pattern

·          Flow rate.

We have close to 100% success rate on MPI -Top fed, side fed, Single Point / SPI / Throttle body / TBI, CFI, CIS and cold start injectors.  We charge industry standard prices and always aim to test and dispatch on the same day as receipt. We can also send you a short video recording the flow tests on receipt and then after cleaning.
We also test and service mechanical injectors, typically featured in early high performance road car injection systems and historic racing engines.

For more information please visit us at our Surrey facilities or contact us on 01252 703191 or