Powertrain Test Rigs

We can specify, design, and build test rigs to your specific requirements, we can even operate test rigs from our own facility and upload results in the format you want directly to your IT systems.

Our customers have saved thousands of pounds by conducting tests in a controlled environment compared with conventional vehicle testing.

Test rigs:

  • can provide more accurate, more reliable or simply more data without the need to transport vehicles to hot and cold climates.
  • have the advantage of easy access, therefore components can be changed or serviced quickly and efficiently compared with working on whole vehicles.
  • provide the ideal solution for testing new systems without high expense.

We also have an industry standard SuperFlow bench for port and manifold development and can measure engine friction (tear-down) on our Spintron.

  • Static, dynamic and pseudo-dynamic rigs
  • Temperature control for fluids
  • Data logging
  • Post processing of results and uploading to customer systems
  • Rapid change of test components / systems for quick back to back comparisons

For further information about how we can help you please contact us.