Mathwall Historic Engines

Mathwall provides a world class engine preparation, testing and support service based in the well-equipped facilities at Thursley, Surrey and catering for both modern and historic engine types.

Mathwall’s historic racing engine products are extensively re-engineered, using first-principle engineering techniques to generate outstanding performance and dependable reliability with an exceptional level of finish.

Mathwall engines are characterised by strong mid-range torque, reassuringly repeatable drivability and high peak power.

A continuous development programme ensures that the product specifications are regularly upgraded, but only after the new specification has been signed-off through a systematic engineering and validation process.

All Mathwall engines are built to exacting standards, following our own meticulous build, testing and final inspection processes. We use our own Superflow 1020 air flow bench and engine dynamometer test cell to support these processes.

With a combined engine experience of over¬†200 years within the Mathwall Team, we are confident in our abilities to support all of our customers’ requirements.

We are very proud of our reputation for producing the most competitive and reliable engines on the grid, and are always pleased to discuss new projects.

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